Group project: Blogging for old people.

Blogging seems like something reserved for only the trendiest, metrosexual hipsters of the 21st century.

The average blogger?

One might think most blogs are used for a place for posting about the new monocle in your collection or how you just got the new Starfucker album on limited edition 180 gram pink vinyl. Yes, there are some blogs like this, however in my search for ageism’s effect on blogging, I found that this isn’t exactly true. Take Twitter for example. This is a social networking site that never really took off with young teenagers. Twitter is actually significantly more popular with older adults rather than young adults (celebrities and their followers.) Statistics show that only 15% of young adults and 14% of teenagers blog. This leaves the remaining 71% of bloggers to older generations.

This is mainly due to Facebook. Facebook is more popular among young teenagers and young adults. Facebook encourages short status updates where blogs usually consist of long, wordy posts. When it comes to young people posting away on their smartphones… ain’t nobody got time for that. However adults use blogs for many different adulty things. There are cooking blogs, parenting blogs and a lot of other blogs aimed at adults. So really, it turns out that social networking is just the new generation of blogging. The new, dumbed down version of blogging.

To see Devan Bierbrauer and Joe Stusynski’s posts for this projects as well.


3 comments on “Group project: Blogging for old people.

  1. dbierbrauer says:

    So there is this almost uncanny resemblance between you and the photo of the “typical” blogger… Coincidence?

  2. I’m really glad that you sort of struck the elephant in the room… Or at least raised the questions about stereotypes made by ages and social media choices. Although many other blogs, including Jack Tuthill’s blog on Occupational Bloggers
    and Matt Adam’s blog on the Confessions of a College Dean
    focus more on the other 71%, leaving the monocle wearing hipster out! It would be awesome if you took this blog even further, at least I think so.

  3. jackrtuthill says:

    Haha, love the picture of the “average blogger.” An interesting project, I also looked into who is blogging these days. It’s funny to see what is out there. Oh and Starf*cker has changed their name to STRFKR in many places. Still pronounced the same, but online music stores like Amazon and iTunes did not want the word f*ck in their libraries, let alone f*cker.

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